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L.A. Noire slowly emerges from the shadows, which confirms the number of disclosures in recent days. Today we would like you to some fresh graphic materials (specifically the screenshots). Not only do they show the detective Cole Phelps during the investigation, but also accurately mapped to represent Los Angeles at the turn of the 40s and 50 The last century.

And although the screenshots provided are not sinning, and the number of details used modern effects, this view of the fact that LA Noire and swtor credits will have open world gameplay and sandboksowym model (largely subjugated by the plot), we expect that the quality of the graphic is fully satisfactory.

* See other screen shots L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire, who spent a few days ago a comprehensive message (discussed in the mechanics of the game), he begins to arouse more emotion. In fact, just waiting for the first videos showing proper game, which ultimately convince us to the history of Cole Phelps (the first trailer was made from a combination of fragments of scenes przerywnikowych). Mystery thriller drawn from several years of studio Team Bondi will be released in spring 2011 in versions for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

In the game, be embodied by the detective Cole Phelps, a veteran of World War II, acting as dominated by corruption and drug dealers in Los Angeles. The task of our ward can solve the mysterious case of serial murders that paralyzed for some time, City of Angels. As far as solving the next puzzle, together with Phelps will climb the ranks.

The main strengths of the game to be scrupulous investigation, which we will begin reading the documents and the arrival on the scene by car. In the course of action not only will we have to carefully search the environment, and then collect and analyze pre-Various types of evidence, but also conduct interviews with witnesses and interrogate suspects eventually. The game will also be no chases and gunfights.