Build a website

Well in this article I am going to talk about the problems that I have encountered trying to build a website on Diving in New Zealand. Firstly I wanted to create a website that promoted Diving in New Zealand with as much information as possible to give visitors an idea of how beautiful our aquatic realm really is. Then I wanted to have a magnitude of videos and photos to support the articles and information that was to be on the site.
One of the hardest things for me to get my head around even today is marketing and how to get those big advertisers to promote their products on the website. This is still an issue that concerns me as our website is huge requiring a lot of funding to keep it afloat. I know that I have a great site with my business partner as we get great emails from visitors across the globe saying how informative and clean it is. So perseverance along with seeking knowledge from the more experienced webmasters I am sure we will rise above and succeed.
Google algorithms change frequently and this is hard to keep track of when you are a solo designer trying to maintain a huge website. Going by our page listings I am sure that I have got a very good idea of Google and how they operate as our listings in the search engines are quite high. Secondary pages are sometimes lost in the search engines and this is an area that I am now trying to improve. I am finding that some articles list high in Google whereas others seem to be a tad lost or hard to find.
Then we move onto the whole content side of things. This is a really hard area to manage at times having people send through content that is incorrect or needs a lot of work in order to publish.

When I receive articles about diving and dive sites I am horrified that even from the professional publishers that have had these articles in magazines, send them to me with lots of spelling errors. Competitions to win things has proven to be the way to go, and I quite often just send gifts to writers that provide me with nice easy reading clean content.
Inbound links are very important to any site and I seem to be spending a great deal of time sending people emails that have linked to our site then somehow broken the link and not bothered to fix it. This has an adverse appearance for their sites more than ours as it appears that they just want to have content and not maintain their site. But for me it is important that their visitors are directed to the information they are seeking as this will benefit all concerned.
Obtaining solid inbound links can almost be a job in itself as you have to dedicate a great deal of time in the social media areas like forums and information sites. This style of marketing is very worthwhile to generate quality traffic to the main areas of quality information that you are providing.

More information and personal thoughts that I have about building a website will feature in a future article once I have gained more knowledge that I am seeking.