WebDesign LA

Pitstop101 is a website development company, and it offers various web development packages. It has also developed its own content management system. This company specializes in website development with its proven, cutting edge technology. In today’s fast paced era, everyone is seeking the help of the Internet to run his business more successfully and hence websites are the platform to meet the needs.

There are several packages, which are offered by this company such as Bronze package. This package includes the choice of templates where you can choose the logos, design, photos, but no flash is included. In the menu, three pages can be included with this package and these can be edited through the content management system. To include the images for using in a website, you can choose from bigstockphoto.com.

A page with basic contact form that can be filled by the visitors. A bookmark link or forward website function will be included. For SEO, this package provides the basic setup of Meta tags, descriptions and keywords for up to three pages only. Implementations of Google analytics as well as submitting the website to Yahoo, Google and MSN. Website statistics as well as up to 5 email pop ups accounts will be made either from any of your favorite client or through web mail interface including a free domain registration for up to two years. Support for content management system through email only as well as web hosting for only $21plus GST which will be billed quarterly. Their package also includes free hosting for referring any five clients to their website; hence they promote affiliation programs too.

The next package which they offer is Silver package.

This comes with standard custom design along with extraordinary website design for up to two revisions. Facility of flash header is also included with customize slogan and images including the updating of text and images in the flash animation according to the need. The menu includes five pages and content management system is allowed to edit only 5 pages. SMS notification enquiry function is also included. Linking of the website to the social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn including site map page or footer. Instead of 5, here you can get up to 10 pop email accounts along with 10 email forwarders as well as support through email and phone. Other facilities are same as of Bronze.

Another package is Gold package, which consists of content management system driven website with indefinite amount of pages and content as well as making it SEO friendly. In addition to it, you can add sub pages as well as third-level pages to menu and sidebars. 7 pages are normally created in the menu bar and client can enter the content through the content management system. Support will be provided through email and phone.

However, all other facilities remain same as that of Silver.

Another package is of Platinum which consists of premium website design with 3 revisions included. Custom flash header with editable options. 9 menu pages can be created, and that can be edited via content management system. Shopping cart function is included along with free SSL security certificate. You will be provided with Ecommerce where you need to open an account with your bank. 30 pop email accounts will be created along with 50 email forwarders. Two free domain registrations for up to two years and web hosting is around $22 plus GST. However, all other facilities remain the same as that of Gold.

This Pitstop101 also provides compelling content management system where you can edit your content as required with the login details through the content management system. Here, you can choose to add your own pages as well as you can edit them 24×7. You can receive the testimonials and can approve them. Through easy to use interface, you can send your customers newsletters on a daily basis. You can make it SEO friendly with strong keywords as well as daily web statistics and photo gallery. Forward website and bookmark website tools, auto site map, search functions and FAQ, you can include in your website. Therefore, its web development packages as well as its comprehensive content managem